Firstaudit Checklist app for surveys and market research

Those who want to position themselves successfully in their market environment need in-depth information about the market itself and its business environment. A systematic market research helps to get this information. In the run-up, of course, consideration is given to the type of information that is important and the objectives of market research ultimately. This results in a corresponding questionnaire, which must be worked through in an interview or other survey . Whether survey or market research app or interview system - with firstaudit, interviews and surveys are easy to create and manage. 

What does firstaudit offer?

  • Are you comfortable working in logistics? Once again, firstaudit is your professional contact point for all digital checklists. For compliance requirements in particular, e.g. when  transporting dangerous goods, ), every detail counts. Firstaudit configures and customises your own checklist app, in line with the most relevant and applicable guidelines for you.
  • Are you employed in a different sector altogether? Then we should definitely have a chat.