Create checklists easily: the firstaudit logistics checklist app

Planning, coordination, execution and control - these are the four key pillars in logistics. A goal-oriented organization is crucial. After all, it is about perfect time management. And it's about money. Well, there is a professional partner like firstaudit when it comes to digital logistics software. Particularly in the case of compliance requirements, for example when transporting dangerous goods, no detail can be overlooked. Firstaudit designs your logistics checklist app. Your logistics software, specially tailored to the guidelines that apply to you. A logistics checklist app creates security. At any time. Reliable, customizable, scalable. And above all: simple and predictable. The firstaudit logistics checklist app. Talk to us, we look forward to you!

What does firstaudit offer?

  • Are you comfortable working in logistics? Once again, firstaudit is your professional contact point for all digital checklists. For compliance requirements in particular, e.g. when  transporting dangerous goods, ), every detail counts. Firstaudit configures and customises your own checklist app, in line with the most relevant and applicable guidelines for you.
  • Are you employed in a different sector altogether? Then we should definitely have a chat.