An App a day ... - firstaudit Checklist App for Health Management and Healthcare

Avoid errors. This is as important as in the healthcare sector for hardly any other industry. More and more hospitals rely on checklists for their quality management, quality control and facility management. Here again, firstaudit can provide valuable services. Firstaudit is flexible and can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure.

And not just there. Our apps are all specific audits in health management. This includes, of course, also Apps for the maintenance Visite, Audit apps for health insurance funds, digital checklists targeted specifically at health care providers, as well as various professional associations.

What does firstaudit offer?

  • Are you comfortable working in logistics? Once again, firstaudit is your professional contact point for all digital checklists. For compliance requirements in particular, e.g. when  transporting dangerous goods, ), every detail counts. Firstaudit configures and customises your own checklist app, in line with the most relevant and applicable guidelines for you.
  • Are you employed in a different sector altogether? Then we should definitely have a chat.