Construction report app by firstaudit: A secure foundation

Monitor emerging real estate, inspect trades, craftsmen and trades, commit construction sites with the property developer: The everyday life of architects and site managers is characterized by many responsible tasks. The construction report app by firstaudit accompanies him professionally and at the same time takes away his work. With just one app you can do several tasks: Performances, deliveries, executed work, defects, construction meeting and inspection results are documented and so on. With the construction report app by firstaudit even complete construction diaries can be created and synchronized. That's how the construction report app for mobile construction site documentation by firstaudit becomes a secure foundation for daily work.

What does firstaudit offer?

  • Are you comfortable working in logistics? Once again, firstaudit is your professional contact point for all digital checklists. For compliance requirements in particular, e.g. when  transporting dangerous goods, ), every detail counts. Firstaudit configures and customises your own checklist app, in line with the most relevant and applicable guidelines for you.
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